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Margo Drucker passed away peacefully on July 2, 2001.
Margo was 86 years old. Margo was born on November 14, 1914 in Berlin, Germany.
Margo left Germany for France in 1934, where she studied photography, then moved to Rome to join her father who had left to Germany because of her anti-Hitler activities. Margo remained in Rome until 1938, when Missouri and Hitler began to round up German expatriates. Margo fled to Aix-en Provence in southern France, where she lived with a group of painters on a chicken farm. Margo was arrested by the German puppet government of Vichy and incarcerated for deportation to Poland, in Guers, an internment camp around Marseilles. Margo remained in the camp for six months, and escaped the day before the scheduled deportation to Poland. In 1941, she received permission to immigrate to America, and arranged for passage on a ship leaving Lisbon to New York. Margo crossed the Spanish border 24 hours before it closed. Margo did not arrive in Lisbon until after the ship was scheduled to depart, but mercifully found the ship was delayed due to mechanical problem. The trip from Lisbon to New York took 6 weeks, and she arrived in New York City with $10.00 in her pocket.
While in New York she met and married Armand Drucker, a German immigrant, and in 1950 had a daughter, Doris Hannah Drucker. In mid 1950, Margo and Doris rejoined Armand in Paris, where they remained until 1960. While in Paris Margo became a well-known photographer, specializing in photographing the leading European painters and other artists of that decade. Many of her photographs were published on the artists' art book jackets.
In 1960 Margo and Doris returned to New York, and Margo remained in Nyack, New York until 1975 when she moved to Albuquerque to be close to her daughter and her family. While in New Mexico, Margo had a number of photographic exhibits in local galleries and religious institutions. Margo leaves behind an extensive portfolio of photographs, which chronicles an era of visual arts in European art, beautiful landscapes of Corsica and France, and many portraits of friends and loved ones taken over her long life.
Margo is survived by her daughter, Doris Drucker Duhigg, her son-in-law, John Duhigg, her grandchildren, Charles, Daniel and Katy Duhigg, all of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Margo is further survived by an abundance of step-relatives, all of whom brought great joy and meaning to her life.


Margo Friters-Drucker Photo de Vasarely -Collection Privée B. Fabre photo argentique d'époque dimensions 19,7 x 14 cm avec le cachet de la phtotographe au dos 

Margo Friters-Drucker Photo de Vasarely
photo argentique d'époque dimensions 19,7 x 14 cm
avec le cachet de la photographe au dos
Collection Privée B. Fabre


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