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Happy to announce our new location at Pacific Design Center, Unit B-222,
in the heart of West Hollywood, CA together with Laurent & Martin gallery.
Gallery open to public Monday to Friday 11-6PM, Saturday by appointments only. 

I come from an international background and business experience combined with an artistic temperament.

I was born in snowy Siberia, Russia but relocated to Cairo, Egypt at age of nine where I was raised.  My mother, who is my Idol, is the owner of one of the most prestigious ballet academies in Russia, I was trained to dance, act and music from a young age and given an international education (Thanks to my Mother), eventually graduating from the Russian Diplomatic School.

After graduation, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business

Administration and Management from Novosibirsk State University.

I began my professional career with Sherry Haute Couture an Egyptian- American fashion firm based in Guangzhou, China.  While with Sherry I was intimately involved with the organization and management of numerous fashion shows and events such as Hong Kong Fashion week, Canton Fair, Cairo Fashion Week, CPM Moscow and much more. Then I moved back to Cairo as a marketing executive for the ITC group, one of Egypt’s biggest hospitality corporations. 

JM Art Management

While at ITC I earned an associate degree in marketing from the RITI Institute and as a senior marketing executive I was the brand manager for Coffee Bean &Tea Leaf while at the same time I spearheaded the launch of the Popeye’s Fried Chicken, Carnivore, Tamarind restaurants in Egypt. Due to career success that I have had, I was transitioned to Los Angeles and put in charge of ITC’s American expansion effort.  While political unrest in Egypt delayed ITC’s expansion plans, I was still able to continue my success and in 2015 I launched the first Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Soon after I decided to return to my life-long passion and my roots, art.  After a short stay with an art gallery in Los Angeles, I became an independent art dealer and curator, I currently work with many award winning national and international artists and with buyers from all over the world.

"I have spent all my life surrounded by Art. It is my passion, I worship beauty and creativity and I live to share my discoveries with others by showing the work of

Established & Emerging Artists to the World."



Tél: (33) 09 75 80 13 23
Port.: 06 08 06 46 45

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 Patrick Reynolds
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