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Bombas Gens 20_07_2021 foto Eva Ripoll 016Artist Thomas Hirschhorn starts his critical workshop Energy = Yes! Quality = No!” at Bombas Gens Centre dArt

From October the 27th to November the 21st, everyone, not only art enthusiasts, are welcome to participate in the critical workshop attending one of the two daily sessions conducted from Wednesday to Sunday.

The workshop, open to the public and free of charge, is a work of art in itself and it will constitute a unique and unrepeatable experience.

Under the artistic direction of Sandra Guimarães, it is the first project from the series Presence and Productionthat the artist does in Spain.

Valencia, 28th October 2021. After visiting more than 50 organisations with social, cultural, educational and neighbourhood-oriented purpose throughout three Fieldworks, and inviting the residents of the city of Valencia to participate, artist Thomas Hirschhorn will start his critical workshop “Energy = Yes! Quality = No!” at Bombas Gens Centre d’Art. It will take place from October the 27th to November the 21st, from Wednesdays to Sundays, having the chance of choose between two daily sessions in the morning and in the evening. 

Curated by Sandra Guimarães, it is the first project from the series Presence and Production that the artist does in Spain. In this action, considered as a universal and inclusive artwork, each one of the participants will contribute to the workshop individually with a work made by them (a text, a song, a sculpture, a drawing, etc). Apart from this main requirement, the attendees will have to commit themselves to participate actively throughout the 3 hours that the session will last. This way, each one will be able to create something and be ready to be judged and trust their criterion. Each participant’s contribution is discussed collectively and equally. The work will be judged through questions and debates such as “Is there implication?”, “Is it an event?”, “Are there encounters?”, “Does it create a new term in the arts?”. The critical workshop will have a translator, therefore, all the sessions will be conducted both in English and Spanish.

Artist Thomas Hirschhorn explains: “I can only do a project about something I believe in. I know what has energy; I know where there is energy.” And he adds: "Energy: Yes! is the assertion that things which have their own energy are important. Energy is what counts, Energy is what I can grasp, Energy is what I can share and Energy is what is Universal”.”It is about saying ‘Yes’ to something without establishing an exclusive criterion. I use the term 'energy' as a positive term because it includes the other, it is beyond good and bad - even bad energy is Energy - and Energy is situated beyond cultural, political, aesthetical habits”, as he claims. 

Sandra Guimarães, artistic director of the art centre and curator of the project, declares: “It is quite a privilege to initiate this project after three intensive fieldworks, going to meet the residents of the city to invite them to come. This critical workshop, considered a work of art in itself, will constitute a unique and unrepeatable experience. Everyone is welcome to participate!”

On the other hand, Susana Lloret, vice-president of Fundació Per Amor a l’Art, comments: “This is indeed an innovative and inclusive initiative, in which participants will not only be spectators but actors, and what each of them do will contribute to the final result. Art is plural like we can see here”.

Thomas Hirschhorn is considered one of the most singular and formally engaged artists of our times. Hirschhorn is renowned for his vast immersive artworks that employ everyday materials, found images and texts to get the audience involved in active thinking and to face the reality of our world. In each of the exhibitions that he has done in museums, galleries and independent spaces, and in his 70 artworks in the public space, Thomas Hirschhorn claims his commitment towards a non-exclusive public. He has exhibited his work across the entire globe, in numerous biennials such as São Paulo, Venice or Shanghai, and his works can be found in collections from the most prestigious museums such as Centre Georges Pompidou, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MOCA, Los Angeles, Tate Modern, London or MoMA, New York, among others.


The Fundació Per Amor a l’Art (FPAA) is a private and familiar foundation that deploys its artistic, social and research-driven activity in the restored former factory of Bombas Gens, in Valencia. The Per Amor a l’Art Collection hosts more than 2.250 artworks by 220 authors, consulted by Vicent Todolí, and that, through diverse exhibitions and activities, is shared in its exhibition space. The foundation’s task related to social integration of underage children at risk of exclusion and the support of people with acquired brain injuries is carried out in its social area. Moreover, it promotes the research and divulgation on rare diseases, in particular Wilson’s disease.


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