Accessible Art Fair New York 2016

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On December 8, Maria van Vlodrop of MMVO Art, Stephanie Manasseh and kind host, Brenda von Schweickhardt Exline introduced a group of special guests to Accessible Art Fair New York.
The fair will run throughout November 2016 at the iconic National Arts Club in Manhattan with the simple concept: make artists accessible to the public and make the public accessible to the artists.
  The Accessible Art Fair Team New York
  The Accessible Art Fair Team New York

It is Maria's belief that everyone should and can have access to art.  After meeting Stephanie Manasseh and learning about the Accessible Art Fair concept, she has made it her mission to showcase young talent in the US, in beautiful setting.
With extensive experience in marketing and business development, Maria is personally driven to develop a thriving New York chapter of the fair's illustrious reputation.


Founded by Brussels-based Stephanie Manasseh in 2007, the fair has managed to break with traditional art boundaries to create fresh opportunities for new, emerging talent. The Accessible Art Fair was born from Stephanie's passion for art but also after realizing that there is so much artistic talent without gallery representation. 'I decided to give these artists the opportunity to sell their work directly to the public, without having to wait around to be discovered.'
We are most grateful to our host, Brenda von Schweickhardt Exline in who's home the event took place.

 Thanks also to BelCham and our partners whose contributions made the event a wonderful success!


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