John Harrison Levee has died January 18th 2017 in Paris

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We regret to announce that the American painter in Paris, John Harrison Levee (born April 10th 1924), has died today (January 18th, 2017) in Paris.

Levee took a Master's degree in philosophy from the University of California Los Angeles before becoming an aviator in the Second World War. Following the war he decided to stay to work as a painter in Montparnasse, after studying at Académie Julian. Levee was a magnificent painter of force and guts and forthrightness. He exhibited a talent for gravitas with strong gestures rendered in blacks and strong colors, as well as a penchant for impasto surfaces. Intense in passionate emotions, the painter's work has a deeply moving deportment.  

John Harrison Levee

Joseph Nechvatal et Patrick Reynolds

John Levee, "Composition" (1961) oil, 160x130 cm

John Levee, "Composition" (1961) oil, 160x130 cm



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